Finn Silver Cup (Junior World's),
Carcans-Maubuisson (near Bordeaux) France,

Michał Jodłowski Wicemistrzem Świata Juniorów.



Finn Junior World Championship

Cercle de Voile de Bordeaux – Maubuisson – France

29th June to 6th July 2102

Day 6– Friday 6th of July 2012

Martin Robitaille (CAN) Finn Junior World Champion

By winning the last race of the Finn Silver Cup, Martin Robitaille didn't leave any doubt that he truly deserves the Finn Junior World title. Despite a difficult start with an OCS, a penalty from the jury and one from the measurer, the Canadian was able to bounce back, winning four races and the title. Competition was tough with strong opponents like the current European Champion Michal Jodlowski (POL) second overall, 2011 Junior World Champion Arkadiy Kistanov who takes the bronze, or early leader Lennart Luttkus (GER) in fourth overall.

The title was up for grabs until the last race. Robitaille, Jodlowski and Kistanov played cat and mouse at the front, with each of them taking the lead at times, but the Canadian came back on the last run taking the race and the title.

“It was a tight event and I am happy that I was able to stay focussed. Results were up and down for most sailors, but I gained confidence and sailed well.” said Martin Robitaille.

This is the first Finn title for the Canadian who has already his mind set on the future. “I would like to reach the top 16 in the rankings within two years and qualify for the next Olympic Games in Rio!”

A lot of the Junior Finn sailors are sharing the same objective for the 2016 Olympic Games and given the standard seen this week, many among them will be there to represent their country. Until then the road will be paved with more Finn challenges.


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1: Martin Robitaille (Canada) 46 points (Détail courses : 14,O+DS,1,1,3,8,4,2,11,1,1,)

2: Michal Jodlowski (Pologne) 53 points (Détail courses : 13,8,8,6,8,2,3,1,6,4,7,)

3: Arkadiy Kistanov (Russie) 58 points (Détail courses : 4,DSQj,5,10,1,5,1,6,4,9,13,)

4: Lennart Luttkus (Allemagne) 61 points (Détail courses : 2,3,3,3,7,10,6,12,5,11,11,)

5: Andrei Ianitchii (Russie) 73 points (Détail courses : 14,12,2,11,2,4,11,7,2,15,8,)

6: Viktor Filippov (Russie) 73 points (Détail courses : 6,2,DNF ,4,4,11,10,5,9,19,3,)

7: Peter Mc Coy (Grande-Bretagne) 75 points (Détail courses : 9,4,12,13,12,3,13,15,3,2,4,)

8: Milosz Wojewski (Pologne) 76 points (Détail courses : 3,6,6,4,16,7,2,8,DNF ,8,16,)

9: Viacheslav Sivenkov (Russie) 87 points (Détail courses : 5,9,14,7,5,15,5,10,7,10,15,)

10: Thomas Morel (Yacht Club de Cannes) 93 points (Détail courses : 8,13,18,5,19,9,9,3,14,12,2,)

11: Anders Pedersen (Norvege) 97 points (Détail courses : DNF ,7,15,8,15,14,20,9,1,3,5,)

12: Tomas Hrncal (Republique Tche) 97 points (Détail courses : 10,11,10,14,6,12,8,13,10,5,12,)

13: Czm Gozen (Turquie) 109 points (Détail courses : DSQj,5,7,15,9,1,7,OCS ,13,7,20,)

14: James Hadden (Grande-Bretagne) 113 points (Détail courses : 1,15,13,16,11,13,15,17,17,6,6,)

15: Dimitar Vangelov (Bulgarie) 121 points (Détail courses : 15,1,16,DNF ,10,6,22,16,12,14,9,)

16: Patrick Deutscher (Republique Tche) 122 points (Détail courses : 7,10,4,OCS ,17,17,14,11,16,16,10,)

17: Simon Gorgels (Allemagne) 131 points (Détail courses : 11,14,11,19,13,16,12,OCS ,8,13,14,)

18: Tijmen Van Rootselaar (Hollande) 160 points (Détail courses : 17,20,9,9,18,19,19,14,19,17,19,)

19: Sergey Akulinichev (Russie) 165 points (Détail courses : 20,16,21,2,22,18,16,18,15,21,18,)

20: Fabian Pic (Ste des Regates Rochelaises) 180 points (Détail courses : 19,19,19,17,14,OCS ,17,20,20,18,17,)

21: Nikolaus Lehner (Autriche) 187 points (Détail courses : 21,18,OCS ,20,20,22,23,4,18,20,21,)

22: Denis Kotlyarov (Russie) 194 points (Détail courses : 18,DSQj,17,12,21,21,21,19,21,22,22,)

23: Artur Kotlyarov (Russie) 199 points (Détail courses : 16,17,20,18,23,20,18,21,23,23,23,)

24: Alexander Ananyev (Russie) 225 points (Détail courses : 22,21,22,21,24,23,24,22,22,24,24,)

Piąty dzień regat za nami. Relacja Corrine Mckenzie:

Day 5– Thursday 5th of July 2012

Canadian and Russian on equal points for World title!

Tomorrow, the last race of the Finn Silver Cup will decide who will take the Junior World Championship title!

Canadian Martin Robitaille and current World Champion Arkadiy Kistanov (RUS) are on equal points. Robitaille is leading on count back with a third victory today in the breeze. European Junior Champion Michal Jodlowski (POL) is only one point behind, adding more pressure to tomorrow's final race and battle for the title.

Today finally saw some good breeze increasing to 14 knots on the second race and the raising of the Oscar flag, allowing for free pumping. Anders Pedersen from Norway sailed his best races with a win and a third. Another one to enjoy the breeze was Peter McCoy (GBR) who scored a third and a second place to climb to eighth overall.

The first race started with medium wind and a windward leeward course. Anders Pedersen (NOR) was third at the top mark, behind Russians Arkadiy Kistanov and Andreii Ianitki, but passed them on the following legs. “Today was a better day for me, “explains Pedersen. “All week I have been fast but at the wrong place! The wind was still very shifty and tricky on the downwind today but I managed better! Ianitkii (RUS) placed second and Peter McCoy (GBR) third.

The second race was won by Martin Robitaille (CAN) taking him into the regatta lead on the penultimate race. Second place went to Peter McCoy (GBR) who scored his best results today. “I enjoyed more breeze today, the shifts were more manageable for me. I made my gains downwind on the reaches passing from sixth to second.”

Tomorrow's only race will be decisive for the title, only one point separate the top three and early leader Lennard Luttkus (GER) is only five points behind in fourth position!


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Overall results after 10 races (1 discard)

1: Martin Robitaille (Canada) 45 points (Détail courses : 14,O+DS,1,1,3,8,4,2,11,1,)

2: Arkadiy Kistanov (Russie) 45 points (Détail courses : 4,DSQj,5,10,1,5,1,6,4,9,)

3: Michal Jodlowski (Pologne) 46 points (Détail courses : 13,8,8,6,8,2,3,1,6,4,)

4: Lennart Luttkus (Allemagne) 50 points (Détail courses : 2,3,3,3,7,10,6,12,5,11,)

5: Milosz Wojewski (Pologne) 60 points (Détail courses : 3,6,6,4,16,7,2,8,DNF ,8,)

6: Andrei Ianitchii (Russie) 65 points (Détail courses : 14,12,2,11,2,4,11,7,2,15,)

7: Viktor Filippov (Russie) 70 points (Détail courses : 6,2,DNF ,4,4,11,10,5,9,19,)

8: Peter Mc Coy (Grande-Bretagne) 71 points (Détail courses : 9,4,12,13,12,3,13,15,3,2,)

9: Viacheslav Sivenkov (Russie) 72 points (Détail courses : 5,9,14,7,5,15,5,10,7,10,)

10: Tomas Hrncal (Republique Tche) 85 points (Détail courses : 10,11,10,14,6,12,8,13,10,5,)

11: Czm Gozen (Turquie) 89 points (Détail courses : DSQj,5,7,15,9,1,7,OCS ,13,7,)

12: Thomas Morel (Yacht Club de Cannes) 91 points (Détail courses : 8,13,18,5,19,9,9,3,14,12,)

13: Anders Pedersen (Norvege) 92 points (Détail courses : DNF ,7,15,8,15,14,20,9,1,3,)

14: James Hadden (Grande-Bretagne) 107 points (Détail courses : 1,15,13,16,11,13,15,17,17,6,)

15: Dimitar Vangelov (Bulgarie) 112 points (Détail courses : 15,1,16,DNF ,10,6,22,16,12,14,)

16: Patrick Deutscher (Republique Tche) 112 points (Détail courses : 7,10,4,OCS ,17,17,14,11,16,16,)

17: Simon Gorgels (Allemagne) 117 points (Détail courses : 11,14,11,19,13,16,12,OCS ,8,13,)

18: Tijmen Van Rootselaar (Hollande) 141 points (Détail courses : 17,20,9,9,18,19,19,14,19,17,)

19: Sergey Akulinichev (Russie) 147 points (Détail courses : 20,16,21,2,22,18,16,18,15,21,)

20: Fabian Pic (Ste des Regates Rochelaises) 163 points (Détail courses : 19,19,19,17,14,OCS ,17,20,20,18,)

21: Nikolaus Lehner (Autriche) 166 points (Détail courses : 21,18,OCS ,20,20,22,23,4,18,20,)

22: Denis Kotlyarov (Russie) 172 points (Détail courses : 18,DSQj,17,12,21,21,21,19,21,22,)

23: Artur Kotlyarov (Russie) 176 points (Détail courses : 16,17,20,18,23,20,18,21,23,23,)

24: Alexander Ananyev (Russie) 201 points (Détail courses : 22,21,22,21,24,23,24,22,22,24,)

Czwarty dzień regat za nami. Relacja Corrine Mckenzie:

Day 4– Wednesday 4th of July 2012

Defending Champion, Kistanov new Junior Finn World's leader

Defending Finn Junior World Champion Arkadiy Kistanov (RUS) has taken the lead in the Silver Cup from German Lennard Luttkus after winning his second race today. The scoreboard remains tight with six sailors within four points. “It will be hard to keep the lead” said Kistanov “There are a lots of sailors who can still win and the World Champion will be decided on the last race.”

Explaining his day and his second victory, Arkaiy added: “I started on the pin end to get to the left where the wind was more favourable. I was leading at the top mark and tried to control Milosz (Wojewski).” The two Polish sailors Wojewski and Jodlowski crossed the line in second and third position.

Michal Jodlowski (POL) encouraged by his third place, perfected his game, winning the next race. “I think I have finally broke the code of this lake! Now I understand the pattern of the wind. I feel more confident making my choices, especially upwind. I had watched the wind between the races and the right seemed better this time. I saw the fleet go left like in the first race and was one of the rare to chose the right side. I was first at the windard mark and sailed the rest of the race conservatively on the run, trying not to make any mistakes. I am happy with my sailing and my last three results. It is coming together now!”

Second and third place in race eight went to Martin Robitaille (CAN) and Thomas Morel (FRA). The fourth place goes to young Austrian Nikolaus Lehner who sailed today his best race in the event.

The Canadian has now taken second overall and is only one point from Kistanov (RUS). Early leader Luttkus (GER) is in third place.

Two races are scheduled for Thursday 5th of July.


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Overall results after 8 races (1 discard)

1: Arkadiy Kistanov (RUS) 32 points (Détail courses : 4,DSQj,5,10,1,5,1,6,)

2: Martin Robitaille (Can) 33 points (Détail courses : 14,O+DS,1,1,3,8,4,2,)

3: Lennart Luttkus (GER) 34 points (Détail courses : 2,3,3,3,7,10,6,12,)

4: Michal Jodlowski (POL) 36 points (Détail courses : 13,8,8,6,8,2,3,1,)

5: Milosz Wojewski (POL) 36 points (Détail courses : 3,6,6,4,16,7,2,8,)

6: Viktor Filippov (RUS) 42 points (Détail courses : 6,2,DNF ,4,4,11,10,5,)

7: Andrei Ianitchii (RUS) 49 points (Détail courses : 14,12,2,11,2,4,11,7,)

8: Viacheslav Sivenkov (RUS) 55 points (Détail courses : 5,9,14,7,5,15,5,10,)

9: Thomas Morel (FRA) 65 points (Détail courses : 8,13,18,5,19,9,9,3,)

10: Peter Mc Coy (GBR) 66 points (Détail courses : 9,4,12,13,12,3,13,15,)

11: Czm Gozen (TUR) 69 points (Détail courses : DSQj,5,7,15,9,1,7,OCS ,)

12: Tomas Hrncal (CZE) 70 points (Détail courses : 10,11,10,14,6,12,8,13,)

13: Patrick Deutscher (CZE) 80 points (Détail courses : 7,10,4,OCS ,17,17,14,11,)

14: James Hadden (GBR) 84 points (Détail courses : 1,15,13,16,11,13,15,17,)

15: Dimitar Vangelov (BUL) 86 points (Détail courses : 15,1,16,DNF ,10,6,22,16,)

16: Anders Pedersen (NOR) 88 points (Détail courses : DNF ,7,15,8,15,14,20,9,)

17: Simon Gorgels (GER) 96 points (Détail courses : 11,14,11,19,13,16,12,OCS ,)

18: Tijmen Van Rootselaar (NED) 105 points (Détail courses : 17,20,9,9,18,19,19,14,)

19: Sergey Akulinichev (RUS) 111 points (Détail courses : 20,16,21,2,22,18,16,18,)

20: Fabian Pic (FRA) 125 points (Détail courses : 19,19,19,17,14,OCS ,17,20,)

21: Nikolaus Lehner (AUT) 128 points (Détail courses : 21,18,OCS ,20,20,22,23,4,)

22: Denis Kotlyarov (RUS) 129 points (Détail courses : 18,DSQj,17,12,21,21,21,19,)

23: Artur Kotlyarov (RUS) 130 points (Détail courses : 16,17,20,18,23,20,18,21,)

24: Alexander Ananyev (RUS) 155 points (Détail courses : 22,21,22,21,24,23,24,22,)

Trzeci dzień regat za nami. Relacja Corrine Mckenzie:

Day 3 – Tuesday 3rd of July 2012

World Champion Arkadiy Kistanov comes back into contention.

Current World Champion Arkadiy Kistanov (RUS) is coming back, now only seven points behind regatta leader Lennart Luttkus (GER). The Russian enjoyed a good day taking the bullet in the first race and finishing fifth in the next.

After a clear start, Kistanov played the shifts well and pressure in a medium breeze, to take the lead from the first mark to the finish. Never really threatened the World Champion covered his track and didn't allow compatriot Andrei Ianitckii (RUS) or Canadian Martin Robitaille, respectively placing second and third, to pass him.

The second race started after a change of course to allow for the constant wind shifts. A group of six sailors lead by Milosz Wojewski (POL) played the left of the course to pass the top mark in front of the fleet. With a yellow flag collected in the previous race, Wojewski played it safe on the downwind; allowing Cem Gozen (TUR) to take the lead.

The Turk kept the first position until the finish with second place swapping from Dimitar Vangelov (BUL) to Peter McCoy (GBR) and finally Michal Jodlowski (POL) at the finish.

Regatta leader Lennart Luttkus (GER) conserves first place overall with a seven and tenth today, but now only has a seven point lead. With five more races scheduled, the title is still wide opened.

Two races are scheduled for Wednesday 4th of July.


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Drugi dzień regat za nami. Relacja Corrine Mckenzie:

Canadian claims the day but German keeps lead!

Day 2 – Monday 2nd of July 2012

Canadian Martin Robitaille claimed the day with two victories in today's light races.

“I had an excellent day, everything came back together. I was calmer and less ambitious, taking what I could on the water and in the end it paid off.” explains Robitaille.

The conditions were difficult again, with wind averaging five to ten knots and varying across the course.

“There was lots of difference in pressure, but I managed to keep speed and control over the fleet. In the first race I was leading most of the way, but on the second lap upwind Andrei Yanitckii (RUS) was very close. I was able to push him to the layline and protest him when he crossed me so took the advantage again when he did his penalty turns.”

The Russian placed second with Lennart Luttkus (GER) third.

Race two started at the third attempt with the shifty wind, penalising three sailors for premature start. Martin Robitaille (CAN) took a great start at the pin end and went on to take his second win of the day. Sergey Akulinichev (RUS) placed second with Lennart Luttkus (GER) in the top three again. The German has increased his lead to 24 points while the score between the next ten sailors has tightened.

The top seven have yet to win a race and with a discard tomorrow, after five races, the results could see some changes.


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Pierwszy dzień regat za nami. Relacja Corrine Mckenzie:

Lenart Luttkus (GER) takes early lead.

Day 1 Sunday 1st of July 2012

German Lennart Luttkus takes the lead of Junior World Championship after consistent races on the first day of racing in Maubuisson, France.

The championship started with nice but tricky conditions on the lake. Difference of pressure and shifts over the sailing area made it tough for the young sailors.

The first race gave the choice between the right with more pressure or the left with a more favoured angle, sailors spread over the course, some taking drastic options on each side of the frame.

The race winners came back from the left side on the third beat. Cem Gozen (TUR) was in front of the fleet for the last downwind but failed to pass through the gate before crossing the finish line. The young Turk who switched from the Laser to the Finn early this year, will face the jury later tonight. He bounced back in the second race with a fifth place. Meanwhile, it is James Hadden (GBR) who took the bullet closely followed across the line by Lennart Luttkus (GER) and Milosz Wojewski (POL).

Anders Pedersen (NOR) suffered from minor equipment failure and had to withdraw from the first race.

Vice European Champion, Dimitar Vangelov (BUL) recovered in the second race after a difficult first one. The Bulgarian lead from start to finish to take the bullet and place 8th overall in the general results. Viktor Filippov (RUS) and Lenart Luttkus took second and third in the race.

At the end of the day Lenart Luttkus (GER) is leading the regatta by four points over Viktor Filipov (RUS), Milosz Wojewski (POL).

Racing continues on Monday with two races.

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Opening day - relacja Corrine Mckenzie

The 2012 Finn Silver Cup is set to start on Sunday in Maubuisson near Bordeaux, France.

A small but talented fleet of 24 boats and 12 nations will race all week on the Lake for the Finn Junior World title currently held by Arkadiy Kistanov from Moscow. Many sailors can claim the title and the 11 races scheduled in the championship promise to be fiercely contested.

The European Junior Champion, Michal Jodlowski (POL) or vice Champion Dimitar Vangelov (BUL), Patrick Deutscher (CZE), Anders Pedersen (NOR) or Martin Robitaille (CAN) who have all sailed most of the international events this year will start as favourites.

Russia is once again coming with a large team with eight sailors. Among them defending champion Arkadyi Kistanov will be able to enjoy again his favoured lake conditions, similar to the ones from his home club in Moscow. Third at the Junior Europeans, Andrei Ianitckii will be another one to watch. Among the youngest in the Finn fleet the Kotlyarov brothers from St Petersburg (16 years old) have been improving since the last Silver Cup in Moscow and could create a surprise.

After two days of measurement, most sailors took part in the practice race this afternoon with a perfect breeze averaging 15 knots. The starting line was crowded and most over when the gun set them free on the course! Viaceslav Sivenkov (RUS) was first around followed by Anders Pedersen (NOR) and Cem Gozen (TUR).

Brigitte Viaud, President of the host club, the Cercle de Voile de Bordeaux, declared the championship open during the opening ceremony and defending champion, Arkadyi Kistanov, presented the Silver Cup to the Club.

Racing is scheduled from Sunday 1st to Friday 6th of July with a total of 11 races.


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29 czerwca do 6 lipca 2012

email Corrine Mckenzie w sprawie regat

Dear MNA, National Finn classes,

The 2012 Finn Silver Cup (Junior World's) will take place in Carcans-Maubuisson (near Bordeaux) France, from the 29th to the 6th of July 2012.

Juniors have to be 21 years old and under in the year of the Championship.

Please see below the link for the event. Six boats will be available, free of charge for overseas countries and developping sailors. A training camp will be organised a few days prior to the event.

Please distribute this email to your Finn Junior sailors and Laser coaches who might want to have suitable sailors trying the Finn.

Please contact me if you need further informations.

Best regards,

Corinne Mckenzie
IFA Executive Director